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At Meier Fire Investigation, process is important.

What we do from Day 1 affects the case down the line. Every step of our investigation is done with an eye on what’s next. Being able to find answers requires a solid foundation of good investigative techniques, decision making and active reasoning.

How we do it...

Fire Scene Investigations

Scene Inspection

It all starts here. When you call, we get started. We can respond quickly to ensure that the scene and critical evidence is preserved, and witnesses are interviewed before their memories fail.

At the scene, our experts methodically document the physical fire scene. We take photographs, measurements, make sketches and notes, and document the scene in detail. We collect and preserve all crucial physical evidence. When we’re done with the scene investigation, your expert will provide you with a verbal report within 24 hours to let you where you stand and what the next steps should be taken.

Evidence Inspections

Evidence Examination

Details matter. We know what evidence to collect and what it can tell us. Proper documentation, inspection and analysis of evidence can enhance your case and, often, stop the other side’s case dead in its tracks.

We follow the industry guidelines dictated by NFPA 921 and ASTM. We provide written protocols, & insist on complete documentation of the inspection process, whether it occurs in our lab or elsewhere. MFI Experts can provide:

»» Secure, climate controlled evidence storage
»» State-of-the-art forensic laboratory facilities
»» Digital photomicroscopy
»» X-Ray analysis

Fire Investigation from file review

File Review

Did you come to the case late? Need a second opinion or a rebuttal witness? Are you just not 100% confident in your current expert?

In a perfect world, we’d get to the fire scene immediately - but life isn’t perfect. Sometimes, the incident scene isn‘t available anymore.

Don‘t worry. We can use existing materials like Fire Department & insurance reports, photographs, witness statements, retained evidence, etc... to formulate science-based conclusions. We can cull through the information we need to get ANSWERS for your case.

NFPA 921 specifically allows for this kind of review and investigation.

Fire Evidence Inspections

Analysis & Testing

What is it? What’s it made of? How was it made? Did it cause ignition? Did it fail? If so, how? Do the manufacturer’s labels and warning align with the product’s physical and chemical properties?

There are a lot of questions involved in fire and explosion investigation.

At MFI, we have the tools to find the right answers. Our fire science laboratory is fully-equipped to test materials and devices for flammability characteristics, ignition propensity, and possible failure modes. Whether it is a solid, a liquid or a gas, we can tell you if it burns, how it burns, and how it gets ignited.

Fire code research

Code Research

Fire Codes are complicated and you need an expert who knows them inside and out. Statutes, codes, standards, guides… Why do we have them, what’s the difference between them and what do they mean for your case?

Which code or standard applies when things go wrong? Can a product meet the code and still be unsafe?

At MFI, we’re fire code experts. Our in-house codes and standards collection includes NFPA, ASTM, UL, ANSI, ABYC and ICC codes, just to name a few. We serve on many committees that write codes and we can confidently tell you what standard applies, which revision was in effect, and why it affects your case.

Fire scene diagrams and exhibits

Diagrams & Exhibits

A well-constructed diagram is an essential investigative tool. We use them to analyze the event, make heat & flame vector analyses, egress calculations, build computer fire models, and to visually reinforce our reports.

These diagrams educate juries on what we see in the scene photographs, our origin hypothesis and on fire growth & fire dynamics.

Here's an industry secret our competitors don’t want you to know... Digital laser scans don’t make for better fire investigations. They’re an “added service” that just make your case more expensive. All the necessary data can be often be obtained more quickly and cost-effectively using simpler methods.

Fire Investigation Reports


All the technical know-how in the world can’t help your case if your expert can’t communicate effectively. Everything we do in your investigation culminates in our report.

How does an expert communicate your case effectively? MFI does it by starting with a well written report, accurate and easy to understand visuals, and approachable style that is easy to follow.

The expert report is the first step in gaining a favorable outcome – you want it to be impressive but easily understood. You want the judge, the jury and especially opposing counsel to understand your case’s strengths at a glance.

Clear writing, illustrated text, and professional diagrams make a Meier Fire Report your secret weapon.

Expert Witness Testimony


When selecting an expert to analyze or testify to a fire’s origin and cause, you need an expert with the right degree, certifications and training. Check, check, check. MFI’s experts have all three but we all know that credentials alone aren’t enough to be successful in court.

You need an expert who can communicate effectively during testimony to opposing counsel, the judge and the jury. You need an expert who can make the merits of your case seem obvious and irrefutable without being condescending.

Our experts are credible, approachable and down-to-earth, exactly the kind of expert juries like. We know the science and how to present it. We focus on making complex fire science interesting and easy to understand.

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