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A Detailed Look at the Necked Vessel Flame Thrower Effect

R. Meier, P. Kennedy, K. Smith, G. Gorbett & P. Powell, 2014

In 2013 and 2014 extensive study and laboratory tests were conducted outside the scope of any specific incident or litigation. This data was combined with data collected during case specific research conducted during the previous 36 years. The study viewed and evaluated the variables in producing the “Necked Vessel Flame Thrower Effect.”

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Fire Investigation, Flammable Liquids, Fire Behavior, Necked Vessel Fiame Thrower Effect,

Fire Effects on High Efficiency Compact Fluorescent Lighting.

R. Meier, 2012

For years investigators have used heat distorted light bulbs to help determine the origin and intensity of fires. The purpose of this study is to establish a base of information on the effects of fire on new styles of lighting, and how the effects of fire can aid the investigator in his or her work.

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Fire Science, Fire Investigation, Techniques, Light Bulbs, Fire Patterns

Lithium Ion Batteries

R. Meier & P. Kennedy, 2016

Since their introduction, there have been many fire and explosion incidents where LI cell or batteries were involved. Sometimes the batteries were the source of ignition and sometimes the source of the fuel. In many case, however, the batteries were victims of the fire. Determining the order of events is not always easy. Proper understanding of battery fundamentals, and investigation methodology when dealing with lithium-ion technology, is crucial to making the correct determination.

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Lithium Ion Batteries, Battery Fires, Battery Explosions, Electronics Fires, E-cigarette Fires

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Home Away from Home, How Safe is Your Hotel Room?

R. Meier, 2016

It would be easy to think that the problem only occurs in small mom and pop joints trying to get by, in backward small towns with little code enforcement, or third world countries, but that is simply not the case at all. While problems certainly occur in the previous categories, I have also encounter problems in fancy establishments with lots of stars behind their names. Dangers have lurked in large national franchises with names everyone recognizes. In towns big and small, from single location operators to big chains with international offerings.

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Fire Safety, Hotel Fires, Fire Egress,Smoke Alarms

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