We See Answers

When your client sees the worst day of their life
and you see ashes.

Answers to case critical questions like...

  • What was the cause of the fire?
  • What could have been done to prevent it?
  • Was anyone responsible?
  • How can we prove it in court?

How we find answers

We find answers by carefully documenting the scene, using the data collected to determine the origin and identify potential causes, finding the applicable fire codes and standards and inspecting the evidence.

Once we find answers for your client, the real work begins: report writing, deposition and trial testimony. We work dilligently to translate the facts of the case into easy to understand communications.

Meier Fire will give you the kind of answers and straight talk that will help you figure out whether a case has merit. We won’t waste your time or money. You’ll know, from day one, the strengths and weaknesses in your case. This critical knowledge allows you to anticipate and react to your adversaries from a position of knowledge and strength.

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Meier Fire Investigation
We See Answers